Promoting Inclusion Through Educational 3D-Printing

The aim of this course is to promote service learning and active inclusion as valuable pedagogical and didactic strategies, to help teachers understand the educational needs of visually impaired students, to improve the competences of participating teachers in the use of NT and specialized software for visually impaired users.

Unit 1 is about Service Learning

After completing this course, it is expected from the trainees to name and explain the 4 R’s of service learning ,to distinguish the difference between Service-Learning, Volunteering and Work Placement, to list the major stakeholders in service-learning, to describe, at least, 10 quality standards of service-learning, to specify five factors that can lead to a meaningful service-learning activity and to design and implement a service-learning project.

Unit 2 is about students with visual impairment

After completing this course, it is expected from the trainees to know about common eye diseases and define the main functional effects of vision impairment, to distinguish the differences between the educational needs of blind and partially sighted learners. Other main learning objectives are to understand and design accessible teaching and learning resources and use tactile resources  for an effective teaching to VI students , to organize an appropriate learning environment by using specific material and making the classroom accessible  and  know what they could  do or  not, when they  meet a V.I.  person

Unit 3 is about teaching  communications technology and computer to V.I.

After completing this course, it is expected from the trainees to  know how students with V.I. work with the assistive technology and the computers, the appropriate software  and the assistive devices for V.I.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 1 Week

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

Katerina Athanasiadou Katerina Athanasiadou Instructor | Email:

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